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27-05-12, 01:25
Fawlty towers is a 2 seasons show aired in 1975 which enjoyed an immense popularity. Reruns are still aired today and still prove John Cleese's talent. The show revolves around hotel owner Basil Fawlty (Cleese), his wife, and their maid Polly and waiter Manuel. Basil is the rudest and most incompetent hotel manager on Earth, and scores of guests have to cope with his uselessness. Story has it that Cleese had the idea of the show after staying at a hotel in Torquay ran by an eccentricly rude owner.
Stuff of legend: the show has been voted the best comedy program in British television history. Watching the episode "The Germans" should convince you...
Famous lines: "Qué?" (Manuel the waiter, who helped a whole generation to put Barcelona on the map) and above all "Don't mention the war".