View Full Version : Cult Comedy: Ireland: Father Ted (1995)

27-05-12, 01:51
Father Ted is a 3 seasons Irish comedy show that is a UFO in the british television history, and has achieved a cult status in Ireland. 3 Priests live isolated on Craggy Island, off the west coast of Ireland, because they are an embarassment to the church. They share a massive house with their housekeeper and tea-mad Mrs Doyle. Father ted Crilly has been deported to Craggy Island after financing a Las Vegas trip with church money, Father Jack is an old alcoolic who sleeps and swears, and Father Dougal Mc Guire is the biggest idiot ever to have joined the orders. Around these three revolve a collection of characters all inspired from famous people or events that made the news, all interpreted with a talented nonsense. The show had such a tremendous following that a Ted Fest is still organised every summer on the Aran Islands.
Stuff of legend: basically, everything Father Dougal Mc Guire says...
Famous lines: "A cup of tea, Father?", "Drink, feck, girls"