View Full Version : Cult Comedy: Belgium: Faux contact (1997)

27-05-12, 02:20
Faux contact is a parody of a short TV program aired on Belgian network RTBF, about road safety, and presented by Gendarmerie officer Commandant de Nève. He used to speak in a very formal and elaborated French that sounded like he were reading a text.
Belgian comedian Manu Thoreau created Faux Contact acting around the stiffness and elaborated formulae of de Nève, and got extremely successful in its endeavour. The parody is better than the original, and Thoreau achieved national fame, especially with his "foreign language" programs, mostly gibberish in French or foreign-sounding nonsense. Thoreau passed away in 2000.
Stuff of legend: how to operate machinery, flirt at the red light, rules of the road applied at the swimming pool...
Famous line: Bardaff, c'est l'embardée... (roughly: bang, that's the crash)