View Full Version : Jefferson's ydna marker , Why so much controversy

22-06-12, 22:37
While reading other forums, i have come across so much controversy in regards to Thomas Jefferson's Ydna marker. I do not know why there is this issue.
So far , a paper from Dr. Wells has said his marker is Phoenician, via Spain to England then USA, while David Faux says its a Norse marker from the shetland and faroe islands which originated from norway. Another says its a Salian Frank marker which originated in Pommerania.
Note- Charlemagne is said to be the same marker as Jefferson.

The Phoenician markers are said to be J2, L and T , I do not know what the salian franks marker is but I guess they are not so defined as the Phoenician. While the norwegian marker is unknown to me.

I guess with these profiles of people, no answer will be found for such a distinguised person.

Pity, sometimes politics, religious or national issues cover up what should be revealed.