View Full Version : Does Cparse/Dry Hair mean anything?

17-08-12, 07:12
I have hair kind of like this man: it looks thick, coarse and dry.

The one exception is that my hair color is darker and a tiny bit curlier. Not like nappy, my hair doesn't grow in spirals. It's just curly. When examining Europeans, does hair really mean anything? Can't Europeans have coarse dry hair without it meaning African ancestry. Surely all European hair doesn't look like this:

18-08-12, 05:09
Seth Rogan is "white" and has course hair/jew-fro style. I think when European people (all Europeans) have an afro, it's called a Jew-fro. Jews are white though. I don't see how they could be anything else. White is about facial structure and Jews are Caucasoid just like Greeks, Italians, Albanians, Spaniards, Sicilians, etc... here are some jew-fro's.


How are these people, who are Jewish, not white? I wouldn't guess them as Black or Asian. They don't fit under that category. People should learn to judge by facial structure instead of hair since hair is an extremely poor method of judgement. This goes for judging African admixture since there are plenty of white people with thick/course hair.