View Full Version : Big changes in Merchants Fleets in Europe.

22-08-12, 13:20
I am reading an economical report about the changes of mearchant naval forces of Europe,

the big surprise is that Germany is losing tremendous ships and merchants roads while Greece is earning position,

Greeks bought 111 German ships in 2012 which makes a total of 180 ocean capabilty ships from start of 2011.

Germans until today have the 40% of global naval markets but this seems to drop dramatically,
100 German founds already declare bankrupt and about another 800 they will do until end of 2012,

that means that cities like Hamburg and Bremen might have unemployment of >30 % to 40%,

it seems like 'Lazy Dirty Greeks' saved these cities by buying the ships and the merchant roads and rights,

over 4 000 000 000 $ seems to drop to German bankrupt naval companies, saving the fall of German exportations merchants roads

The future is uncertain in Naval roads since MAERSK the colossal of the North is trebling,

that moved still keeps Germany at 1rst position but change inner balances,
meaning that now 45% of German Naval transport corporations belongs to Greek owners
and 33% of European fleet now belongs to Greeks, making them a tremendous power again in sea transportations
(in 60's 70's Greece was 3rd after Liberia and Japan)

It Seems like Crisis is not blind and hits both North and south, and the only Blind is Mercel and her friends who only see the Greeks as lazy dirty and whatever and the problem,
I wonder if Greeks did not buy the rights of the above founds and COSCO did what Mercel will say with Hamburg and Bremen having 40% unemployment

22-08-12, 21:27
I hope the Greeks can find their way out of the crisis as the world economy does depend on it. I thought it was better if they pulled out of the Eurozone as the Greek is not an industrial nation. The Euro is killing their tourism. But Merkel's threatening the Greeks with EU membership expulsion is a bad move. Didn't Jesus say if the arm is bad cut it off so the person can live. You must save the main part and let go the bad or non-functioning part. If you keep the diseased arm the injured person will surely die. Let Greece go but allow it to remain in the EU and let the market adjust and enable Greece with its lower drachma earn its way out of the debt. Just my opinion. It doesn't count much as I have never been to Europe.