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03-09-12, 01:50
Hi there,

I got my parent's 23&me results back very recently - I've used tools on GEDmatch, and talked to Doug McDonald for most things, although my father's mt-Haplogroup is J1c8, is a lot known about J1c/J1c8 in particular - In terms of origin/distribution?

I've done a bit of research (on top of what i'd already heard), and it seems it arrived in Europe with the Neolithic, and has a peak in Northwest Europe around the British Isles and Scandinavia. Also heard Haplogroup J was associated with producing more body heat - This is interesting because my father is very prone to overheating even in cool environments.

Looking at the haplogroup J project on ftDNA there seems to be four entries (outside North America) for J1c8, one in North/North-East Wales, one from Durham in northern England, and two from northern Germany. My Dad's mother's mother's lineage comes from the Cheshire/Lancashire area as far as i know.

Given that J has a relatively strong presence around the Irish Sea (Ireland, Western Britain, Scotland) i am much inclined to believe that it is of Brythonic or Gaelic origin. However, with the odd distribution on ftDNA (although i am well aware four is a very small 'sample' size), the fact that the only other J1c i'm sharing with on 23&me is a Norwegian, and that on here under the mtDNA J description it associates mt-DNA J with a Germanic distribution, i am unsure whether to ascribe it to a Celtic or Germanic origin. I could also add that there was Norse settlement in the region that this J1c8 comes from, but i very much doubt it was anything but male-dominated.

I'm posting this in the hope that someone else has some knowledge of J1c or J1c8 in particular that i don't have, to help clarify this for me, or if you have any other information or know of any others with J1c8 - I'd be grateful for any help.

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Sam Jackson

26-03-13, 05:25
My mothers family mostly I trace back to colonial America, but I believe mostly German. What countries aside from ancient times in the middle E. Where is this haplotype in the last 500 yrs? Thanks