View Full Version : R1b-L21(S145): Updates and new phylogeny

03-09-12, 18:43
A lot has developed within L21 over the last couple of years. The current arrangement of subclades is depicted here:

What's really notable is the big new subclade marked by DF13+. Most of the old L21+ people fall underneath this including the very large M222+/NW Irish, Scots Modal, Irish II, L226+/Irish III groups.

If you are L21+ and negative for everything downstream of it so far, you should consider testing for DF13. If you come out DF13+, which is probable, then there are a series of six large, old subclades that you should test for. These are old enough, that practically any L21+ DF13+ person could be positive for one of them. We call them the Big Six and they are DF21, L513(DF1), DF49, Z253, DF41 and Z255. They all fit under DF13, which why we call it the Big Kahuna.

Many of these SNPs came from the citizen-scientist research as described in "Discovery of Western European R1b1a2 Y Chromosome Variants in 1000 Genomes Project Data: An Online Community Approach" by Richard A. Rocca, Gregory Magoon, David F. Reynolds, Thomas Krahn, Vincent O. Tilroe, Peter M. Op den Velde Boots, and Andrew J. Grierson - 2012