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05-06-03, 04:46
I remeber years ago, couple of my close friends were honest and simple . But sad to say that , it did not last them long, as soon as they entered the politic.

The story I am telling you here is not a myth, nor is a simple chit chat. It's a fact of our present life, no matter where and when. It's not about change of a temper or attitude in one or two people or more, it's about how political games affect the moral, attitude, character, and every principle that one could ever be proud of.

I am not saying that we should not discuss politic of any nature. But rather, be careful not to be played by those who claim are problem solvers of any nation.

To me, if a politician losses his/her morals or put interest of a non justified majority or minority before justice, it has lost his/her morals, and so as his/her legitimacy. But again, the degree of justice at this time seems to be different from one place to another.

That might sound a little paranoia, but is fact of our life.


05-06-03, 08:08
Where do you get all these things?
You're not copying these out of a Readers Digest magazine, are you? Otherwise we might get in trouble with copyright laws. :)

05-06-03, 13:57
Hi there!

I prefer to treat you comment as a Wednesday joke!

My friend, if I say something which is not generated by my own mind, I'll sure put it in the qoutation mark! (i.e. "...."), or would let you know it's source, as I've done in the past.


05-06-03, 14:58
Most politician are very destorted on a idea of politics. They don`t know the word "POLITICS " what that means. They are elected to be there and do what they wish. Not what is good for the people who elected them.

The people that elect this politician don`t know wy they elected them.
Infact, you better not talk about their politician leaders, or you goin be in very big trouble.

Like Twisted say: If you talk politics, you gone get in trouble with copyright law.

Infact, let me worn you, this country is free country , as long you shut up about : politics, religion, love and its good ethics and valiews.

Also, if you plan to live in this beautifull free country: don`t smoke, drink, take drugs or get merried.

If you do whan`t have sex and childre,n you can, just make sure that you don`t get merried

How ever for you free women ou t there: Have as many man, and many children you whant, infact have many children, the more children you have the bigger check you get in the mail.

its all free, in this free country.

There is few more things that you can or you can`t have in this free country. But we will descuss them as time alloud or permits, in this free country

Good day to you all.


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05-06-03, 21:37

Agree. This was the actual picture of an existing reality.

Thank you.