View Full Version : Paris Disneyland or Tokyo Disneyland?

01-10-12, 11:35
Has Anyone been to Tokyo Disneyland? How is it different from Disneyland in the states?

02-10-12, 11:47
I must admit, i didnt even know there was a Disney land in Toyko.
I dont think it would be much different.

02-10-12, 21:08
It may be France or Tokyo, but it's the same Americanized branded Disneyland. It's got all your favorite Disney characters and rides. Look at it as a little bit of American commercialism in France and Tokyo. It gets really crowded so go during off-peak times.

21-09-13, 13:25
I've never been to Disneyland :( I've visited Gardaland, tough.

03-10-13, 14:11
I would prefer Paris, because there are so many other things to do and to see also.

03-10-13, 19:51
Disneyland is Disneyland in Paris or in any other place, if you want to see cultural places also I would recommend Paris, it is amazing and there are always a lot of place openings to go.