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06-10-12, 07:48


well until today we consider Latin Alphabet to be created in Greece at Κυμη Cyme and travel to Italy true Cymeans
until today we know that Greeks took Alphabet symbols from Phoenician (most scients do) or both took it from Akkadians,
until today we consider that the oldest Alphabet is the Akkadian cause we almost reach the oldest possible time with a script found there, but is it?


The above was found in the Neolithic village few Km away from Pella the Capital of Makedonians.
the above is estimated to be 6000 years old.

It was found at summer of 2011, but have to checked first,
it is a 30x20 stone having symbols above as you see with the blue paint,
Archaiologists remained stuned when they realize what they found
we speak about letters 500 years before the Summerians.

today the stone is at Geology department of Aristotle's University in Thessaloniki so to be estimated the the origin of the stone, and the exact date,

then the 'archontiko stele' will be checked with X rays so to find possible erased letters,

after that a check by an international laboratory so to certify the evidences and results,

the result,
Archaiologists are stunned since if the stone is correct we might have History of Alphabet rewritten.
then we might Speak that Pelasgians are the fathers of Alphabet and not Akkadians or Phoenicians,
that makes really very big changes, which I can not imagine,

I am waiting further more results and theories, after the certification,

PS, With all respect, until today I admit the sciefintic data that Greek alphabet was the phoenician, and alef and bet was older that alpha and beta, but seems data were wrong,
the isolated or pair letters that were found in Greece and Aegean were much older than any phoenician script or Akkadian, but we could not consider them as words,
simply that stele connects all the above (if I am correct about 11 smaller stones with 1-3 letters) and can be the foundation of new theories about Alphabets,
I had that feeling since i have seen a Μηλος stone once and the famous Δισπηλιο- Dispilio one, and many times I express it in the forum,

it seems that Alpha is not the alef (ox) and Bet the house
ΑΛ ΦΑ sun shine
ΒΗ τα go(travel) to
Γα μα Earths but .....

a well know children pray-song of polytheists to god Sun

06-10-12, 18:06
Interesting... Not only the history of alphabet but many other things will have to be rewritten if this is true. Any English-language source about the matter?

06-10-12, 23:05
The Romanians also claim that tablets found in Romania is 2,000 or 3,000 years older than those in Sumer. Very interesting!