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11-10-12, 18:59
For losing the body weight effectively and without any side effects you should chose any natural way of the weight loss such as exercising and dieting.
Never use any weight loss pills or weight loss steroids for weight loss because these weight loss pills and steroids lose the weight very quickly but have very bad side effects for the health.

20-12-14, 17:28
I agree .... i hate diet pills and weight loss surgeries

16-03-15, 12:33
After reading this entire thread I got an idea to burn fat. Thanks for sharing this thread.

16-03-15, 17:35
I think the future of dieting will be in appetite suppressants. We have too much delicious food around and it is too addictive to fight it. Repetitive exercise is quite a torture for most of us. Appetite suppressant in form of a pill, that evokes filling of fullness, is the technology to go.