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14-10-12, 14:17
the case of Syria is well known to everybody, since revolt is running,
but the last days seems that Syria and Turkey are in mood for a fight,
Syria bombed Turkish villages and Turkey fly over syria and bomb strategical positions,
but in Syria both Russia and China have interests, and especially Russia,
before few weeks a russian fleet pass the Bosporus and in few days a new huge fleet will pass again,
Turkey forced russian airplanes to land so to check if Russia is helping Syria (leader or rebels I do not know)
today Turkey developed 85% of her naval forces around coasts from Aksaz to Antalya-Attaleia.
while Russian seems to dare send a ship specialized in electronic war!!!

US 6th fleet is gathered outside Sydabay and sail around Cyprus

it seems like the situation is smelling powder, since we might have another change of Status Qvo in East Meditterenean,

Greece has prepaired land for 20 000 refuggees from Syria while cyprus more than 100 000,

the 'accident' before months in Cyprus and the gas drilling in Leviathan field seems like gather war vultures in Libya Egypt Syria Cyprus Aegean


lets hope that goddess of peace finds her way soon.

23-10-12, 23:51
and not only,

for 1rst time after WW2 German ships enter Aegean international waters,

the Hessen, Vorpromme, S73 Hermelin enter Agean today,

is it coinsidence?

Russian fleet, Turkish Fleet, German fleet, US fleet, and Greek Fleet, gathered among Crete and Cyprus,

are we expecting someone else?

24-10-12, 00:00
Yetos, shouldn't you ask the right questions: "Do Bankers want this war"? After all, as you said few times, they rule the world.

24-10-12, 07:29

Indeed, do Bankers or their corporations want this war?

24-10-12, 18:40
So lets figure out whether Bankers invested more money in peaceful enterprises in the region, or they invested more money in military and weapons production. They will obviously go with a bigger profit.
If bankers invested in normal economy more, they will need peace and quite in the region When it is peace, people go to work, make money pay their credit cards and mortgages, pay taxes which allows governments to pay their debts to the bankers too. Also businesses will produce and sell goods, paying interest on borrowed money to the banks.
When there is a war in this region, not only ordinary people lose their income, the bankers are screwed too, for hundreds of billions of dollars. Unless bankers invested more money in weapons production.

I think most of the weapons in the region is made by Russians and Chinese, especially in case of Syria. I think these two superpowers might be interested in prolonging the war, to sell more weapons. Though Syrian war market is very small, therefore not that important, and not worth screwing world economy even more. The biggest loser would be China, if world recession is stronger they will sell fewer goods to the world and make few trillions less in the process. Russia on other hand might be playing a gain in near east to make sure oil prices stay higher. But for longer term, it is also more important for Russia that the world gets out of recession faster, the oil prices will be strong for much longer.

Looks like a peace for me.

24-10-12, 23:15
Now lets see some other cases,

Lets see first, the energy,

Bankers almost own majority of Industry,
to Move industry, human working is expensive, so oil, gas, sun, coal, Uranium are needed so to have cheap cost,
Lets see Syria and Lebanon,
Syria and Lebanon for decades are under strange anomaly, Islamic foundamentals, Strong Presidents, Christian minorities or majorities, eternal war with Israel, etc, Yet everybody had its profit, since Russia has vital Bases there, UK has in Cyprus, US everywhere in East mediterrenean, etc.
the area is full of pipelines so the one who controls them has power and profit, BANKERS WANT THAT.

lets see second reason, Turkey, the big pain in the ass of Turkey is Kurds, In Syria once was the base of PKK,
Turkey needs Kurdistan since Mossul has Oil. Since the 2 Big rivers with Huge quantities of water are there, Since build huge Damns to control the water of the rivers etc,
Kurds want their autonomy, meaning that Turkey's bankers will lose Money, Foreign Bankers who produce guns get profit, and a possible change of stability maybe bring new Banks in area.
So some Banks will lose Some get profits, that needs an analysis on who earns or lose more,

lets see the 3rd reason, the new pipelines that started to be designed from Syria to Cyprus to Greece, (Turkey is not certain if enters that connection since has casus with many there due to exclusive zones)
these pipelines will bring enough rich to the bankers who will own them, Considering that states own to Banks, then is certain that if profit is huge then surely we might have 'warm Days' on who will prevail, or to make huge damage so to balance the profit.
It is not coincidence that everybody (except Italy and Russia) is against Greece, the time that Greece decide to make drills and exclusive zones. it is not coincidence that in Cyprus we have explosion with damage in economy of power the days that cyprus declair the gass fields, Not coincidence that the day that Israel and cyprus declair the Zones, we have Ships to Gaza, etc

lets see the 2 political factors
1 the Arab spring, as we have seen Arab spring started in Tynis but expand. the results are that in Tynis we might have results but in some other countries seems that Islam foundamentalists earn the game. that is a change that shows an unpredicted future.

2 The economical crisis of the S Europe,
lets take these 2 countries, Greece and Italy. (leaving Albania Cyprus Bulgaria Turkey Croatia out for now)
they have big depths, but they have or they are near energy deposits.
so states have to make a desicion, either they sell the deposits, and pay some of their depths, either the control the deposists and build industry, meaning that this is against other bankers of other states who might see their corporations to get shrunk, or not to be compatible.
a good example FIAT factory at Sicelia, if a pipeline was near, there it might have cheap energy, so it could be more effective, but that would create a huge problem at the N Italy bankers, cause they may get some of the industries of the North to shrunk,
that means lower name prizes for the land they posses etc, So they decide to close Fiat factory of Sicily although is more Apulia where Italy will soon drill oil.

NEW ENERGY LINES AND NEW DRILLING ZONES MEANS EASY PROFIT FOR BANKERS, GLORY FOR POLITICIANS, and the cost is just few marines who get die, while the ammunitions are made also by industry that belongs to bankers,

See it is easy to find reasons, so that Bankers want a war,
human lives are nothing infront the profit of the Banks.

Let me remind you that no industry can run without energy, so the one who controls the energy roads controls industry.