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19-11-12, 13:50
Happened on this site and had also been looking for this subject without knowledge of the study of the historical genetics.

You see, I am an odd bird of a Texan (USA state of Texas). I have never been necessarily bullied, because I am pretty, but Ive been the target for any, Any, vampiresque look you could imagine. I am 5'10, slender, porcelain-doll pale skin (not exactly a regular sight in Texas), with Jet Black hair that fades into a purplish-red at the tips, Naturally. My face is angular, high cheekbones, I look a lot like, by other people's mouths than mine (when Im not being compared to the Adams Family Wife, Snow White or 'that girl on Adventure Time') Sandra Bullock. But my skin is as pale if not paler than hers, and my hair is Black. I am a professional Surrealist, and am French. Every day people are stricken by my extreme look. Repeatedly people either accuse me of never tanning (I have rosy cheeks but my skin does not tan, no ruddiness, just literally, Snow White) or dying my hair. One friend had me tip over my head because she swore that I Had to of dyed my hair because she has never seen my tones, yet has visited the South of France and thus denies that I am French or really Anything, because she says the French are not fair-skinned (which further confounds me because I have to ship my facial powders and foundations from France through Neiman Marcus because they are the only ones that have foundation for the color of my skin)

But I AM French. So; basically, everybody tells me I am lying somehow by merely existing as I am. I also, to further irritate this state, I have light greenish-blue eyes. It is almost as if people are flabbergasted, they act as if offended by my existing, as if they thought my existence is offensive somehow. I am an artist and figure model.

Since yall are scientists and I am obviously ignorant of this particular subject, I wanted to ask if anyone could understand as to how exactly, I ended up looking as I do. I am frankly exhausted of being called strange (on a monthly basis), even when the statement is said in an admiring way, yet having no greater explanation than saying 'In French'.

Thank you,

19-11-12, 15:23
*sighs* Can anyone provide direction or even a theory. I am sick of this. Then, I am even afraid of dying my hair to seem more 'natural' looking to fellow Texans, however that makes sense, but Im afraid that with the red hue to the tips of my hairs, that anything with any brown in it, any dye with brown, will make me somehow a purple-goo of hair, which would then make me not only strange looking, but it would also back beliefs by my friends that:
'Oh look, she does dye her hair' and so when I go back to my natural, then they can keep their dialogue of

'Your black hair is dyed because you did dye your hair that one time when it came out purple, so now that I see you have engaged in the action of dying your hair that one obvious time, so I now think you just dye your hair all the time'

And also I would look ridiculous. SO. In sum, since I was born strangely black-haired, I am scared to try to change it to less-strange 'regular-Texan' mousy brown-haired girl, which would be nice to not scare people and think Im going to try and bite their necks off. I have thought about wigs.

Maybe I just need to wear a bag on my head and bodypaint myself to the Nude tone of skin color.

I really really have been Googling since about junior high, when I got nicknamed Olive Oil, and figured out it was also a person than the actual olive oil, on who has this skin tone; the only bits of 'reasoning' are the whole Black Irish story and pale Spaniards that I have been able to find. Nothing on French! :/

Im looking for at least some sort of theory on how its like this for understanding. Im tired of feeling alien. Does anybody....has anybody heard of this...? Did God say 'Okaaay...You are to be an albino...BUT just to make it a party -> lets give you black purpley-reddish hair!!!'