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27-11-12, 19:45
I recently was added as a co-admin to the "R1b and Subcllades" project at http://www.familytreedna.com/public/r1b/

I volunteered for this because I want to see broader and deeper testing of R1b people with the hope of better understanding where we started out and how we got to where we are. I'm interested both from a broad sense but also at a specific, granular sense. In other words, I'd also like to see a few more people shake out of the consumer testing that fit in my deep ancestry's younger branches, and would like to see that for everybody, for that matter.

I think it would be of great benefit to see the vast R1b predicted group of people in FTDNA's database conduct deeper testing to their terminal SNP and to at least 67 markers. I'd also like to "catch" the newbies from projects like the National Genographic Project to get them into public projects to share their results and test more deeply.

All of that being said, the "R1b and Subclades" project looks like a potential starting point. R1b is way too big and complex for one project so I've been proposing turning it into a "gateway" project with a key capability being that project administrators will add people to the appropriate subclade projects (U152, U106, etc.) automatically. FTDNA has told me this is fine. We just need to let people know.

We've updated the "About your Group" Background, Goals and Results pages of the project. I'd like to get your feedback on the "About your Group" web pages. Part of it is written by others and I need to respect that but I can probably provide some influence. A key point for the R1b project is not to get too detailed and try to be all things to all people. The subclades projects and their sub-subprojects (i.e. L21 has M222, DF49, DF41, L513, DF21, Z253, Z255/L159.3, L226, etc.) are many and constantly evolving so we can't hope at the R1b project level to try to get down to those levels.

A second step will be a bulk mail notice to all of the R1b project members to let them know the change of the project to this "gateway" approach and intent to add members to the major subclade projects. This step is in process.

A third step is to come up with some simple decision tree for recommending SNP testing to the unawashed. To be simple, Geno 2.0 is the answer, but I think there are cases where targeting a terminal type SNP is warranted. I hate the whole idea of SNP prediction, but intelligent evaluation for test planning is needed.

Anyway, just looking for feedback.

28-11-12, 17:32
The bulk email went out to the "R1b and Subclades" project members notifying them of the purpose change in the project to make it more of a "gateway" project to help people do deeper testing and find the right subclade projects to join. Part of this is that the R1b project administrators will automatically add someone to the next level down major subclade project if the SNP test results warrant that. This does NOT remove people from the R1b project. They are welcome to stay, but we just want to get them in the right places. There is one exception. The L1+ and U198+ guys (both under U106/S21) won't be added to the large U106 project per an existing agreement.

Please read the "R1b and Subclades" project "About your group" background, goals, results and news web pages at:

As always, please post here any news, corrections or feedback.

30-11-12, 06:08
The R1b project has now been transformed. The notifications have gone out.

If you know predicted R1b (M343), R1b1, or R1b1a2 people who might be interested in deeper testing please direct them to the "About this Group" web pages at http://www.familytreedna.com/public/r1b/

Thank you.