View Full Version : New users banned by mistake now restored

19-12-12, 18:32
I noticed that about 50 new users who registered and activated their account today got banned by mistake.

There were over 5000 fake registrations from spammers in the last few days and some real accounts seem to have been mass banned with the fake ones. I think that I unbanned all the real accounts. If your account still shows that you have been banned, please contact me by email or through Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/maciamo) and I will restore it for you.

19-12-12, 20:45
Wow, massive numbers on both sides. It is a full time job for a person just to read all the applications! Even if registrations and banning are automatic, it takes hours to correct mistakes. Time to contact Bulletin people for a new update, just to catch up to new spamming techniques/bots. I hope they have something ready to ease your workload.

13-11-16, 19:47
Hi, I'd like to know how do you distinguish spammer from real account?

28-01-19, 13:45
New strange fake registrations are constantly made. Sometimes 8-10 at the same time! All are similar.
Like this,
About annieqx2
Country Flag:
USA - Maryland
Ethnic group:87715166776
Y-DNA haplogroup:franciscafc69
mtDNA haplogroup:jeannettexg3

What is the purpose of its?

29-01-19, 20:29
my thinking is that they do some posts empty of true sense, true people go to the new post in their favorite thread, waste 5 seconds reading an idiotic statement, their eye catches some add on here or there, clicks it, and the forum administrator gets some extra bucks from the innocent people that eats the bait.