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11-01-13, 17:17
According to Yahoo News dated 1/3/2013 the blood of King Louis XVI and the blood of his paternal Ancestor Henry Iv are a G2a matchhttp://news.yahoo.com/squash-holds-decapitated-King-Louis-xvis-blood-1917...And from my own G2a haplogroup news letter this information dated 1/9/2013http://www.sciencediredt.com/science/article/pii/S079073812005361Melusine

11-01-13, 18:10
Great post Melusine. I like to see some royalty other than R1b. Mixes things up a little bit.

11-01-13, 19:29
Thank you for you quick reply.Sorry for my typo one of the words should be spelled directAlso Wikipedia has this:List of haplogroups of historical and famous figures and the STR'S and DYS markers for both Kings are posted.Also note: The DYS and STR'S or King Tut , his father/ and grandfather are posted on the Wikipage Rib+++

22-02-13, 13:27
I posted this (http://www.eupedia.com/forum/threads/28285-Henry-IV-of-France-s-mtDNA-lineage-and-cousins) 8 days before you, Melusine. Not only did I explained that Henry IV was G2a like Louis XVI's results, I also pointed out that Henry IV's mtDNA was U5b, and made a long list of other European royals who shared the same U5b lineage. It took me hours to trace back the genealogy and nobody cared to reply to the thread.

10-12-14, 00:45
G2a Kings also in England
45AER Richard III England G2* Other - King 2014 23 0
B8YDF King Richard III Unknown G2* Other - King et al, 2014, Nature Comm. 23 0