View Full Version : Understanding the limits and possibilities from knowing your genome data.

14-01-13, 03:11
Hi there, please bear with me since my knowledge is limited. Hopefully the experts can shed some light on my questions.From what I gather, your haplogroup shows you the route traveled by all your male or female ancestors. That's cool.. but I'd be more intrigued with some insight on my genetic neighbors. I already understand that it would be futile in most cases to link results (of a Y-DNA test) to an ethnicity, because the population was a soup of many different haplogroups even when ancient nations were formed. I'm still hoping though that the information can produce some kind of ethnic compatibility.Main question: Does belonging to the same haplogroup with someone else indicate you're gonna share the same traits (physiological, psychological etc)? My guess is "yes", but to what degree? Do members of the same haplogroup have similar appearance? or you can find people from other groups that "look like your type" quite often?Also, can genome studies replace morphometric studies in determining common traits between people? If yes, how close would you say we are?Sorry if some of my questions seem obvious, but believe me it's really hard to answer them just browsing the net.