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Selwyn Greenfrith
19-01-13, 16:20
Great British Uppertendom (http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/uppertendom) v Deutsch/Dutch Untermenschheit...

A lighthearted but truthful take on stuff

Only Great Britain has/is truly free with naming/names, in European countries names can only be worked-off from fascistlike official naminglists.

Anyway, the Patron Saints of the Netherlands and Germany are named after English gospelthumpers who went about 'civilising' German and Dutch primitives, and furthermore Saint Winfrid (also hight: Wynfrith/Wynfryth) had his name Latinized has: Boniface. Anyway, you wont read it in British or European history books, but even the Germans acknowledge Saint Winfrid is the true 'founder of Western Europe' His holiness Winfrid also whipped out his big Seax chopper and felled a sick, sinful and ugly German Oak thereby inventing the Christmas tree! In return England gets Dutch/Deutsch Elm deasease and Dutch/Deutsch Ash dieback. Note spellchecker on this forum digs the word: "Boniface" but flags-up the word: "Winfrid" Sigh.