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21-01-13, 01:10

23-01-13, 02:44
Glad to see that Julia. I've always thought that if Italians get politics and borrowing money in check, they are creative and industrious enough to make a prosperous country. You have good standard of living, it's a good country, it's just messing up economy too often. But it is capable of another Renascence and becoming a powerhouse of Europe again.

03-02-13, 22:26
Unfortunately our political situations has done everything to destroy our economy, bureocracy, high taxes, and now Banks (who were re-fianced by the state after the crisis) who don't lend money the state has given them to help people acced mortages, and credits.

In Italy is a mission impossible to give life to new entreprises, the death tax of start ups is really high, given the fact that our finance sorveillance system fleece the small-entreprises like a vulture.. there aren't politics to ease the life of new genial entrprise ideas..

I hate our governemental class, wich is incrediblly old quite often adavnatge because of his age and not for its individual merits.. italy is a country to lay onself down on trones, our system is oppressing and suffocating.. expecially the economy of the south where this mentality has found more fertile sole to take roots, but even the economy of the north is a bit like that given the fact we are not federate states, the work and business phylosophy of people from our economic engine of northern italy is way much more near to anglosaxon and american liberal way of economy and business where less is more