View Full Version : Stealing of the property is legal in Finland

05-03-13, 15:03
Helsinki Court of Appeal has broken the personal property rights in Helsinki.
South Import Ltd has been doomed to loose its rights to use their legal property
by condemned to lose the possession of the right to the shares and the space it owns.
The usurper is the housing company.
The law of protection of the property is over 2000 years old Roman law. "One who does not own anything can not manage anything. “
This violation of property rights has been accepted by the Finnish Supreme Court.

There have been several violations of the EIS articles in the judgement:
Article 6 (1) The Helsinki Court of Appeal wasn’t impartial. The judge had a provable personal interests in the housing company.
Article 13 Even though several courts have been used, they were more or less ostensible, without respect to read the background material brought for the trial. The argument of the decision includes even a document forgery.
Article 14 Housing shareholders were not treated equally
Article 26 Continuous ownership right violation. Authorities have not taken measures in order to restore the possession of the right to the property

There is the positive anticipatory decision of European Court of Human Rights but there is no way to put it into process in Finnland. Finnish court can do what they please in case of the violation of the ownership and through it in violation of the human rights. Without any consequence.

(All these claims are based on the documents of this law suite. This is fact)