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13-03-13, 03:25

I just received my results from FTDNA and I'm a bit confused. I have done the 37 marker test with FTDNA and upon input of results into Haplogroup and Subclade Predictors, I have discovered I am a "I-M423-Din-N," which is still very general. FTDNA would not tell me anything beyond the fact that I was I2a2. Some sources list M423 with I2a1b, which leaves me confused...

Which tests do I need to take to narrow it down further? I have ordered an 111 marker test, it should be coming soon.


13-03-13, 18:18
"I-M423-Din-N" is actually not general at all. It means that you are I2 L460>P37.2>M423>L621>L147.2 (the likely terminal SNP) and that furthermore, you are in the older, more eastern STR cluster (I know it's nicknamed "North" but its highest diversity area is more eastern than northern). A 111 marker test is pretty much the best you can do at this point. I think that the only additional SNP found from Geno 2.0 is CTS8429, found in a Din-N sample from someone name Fanos, but I'm not sure if it's available for individual testing yet, and it probably wouldn't tell you much more anyway unless you cluster very closely with the Fanos family.

Long-form haplogroup nomenclatures indeed vary depending on where you're looking. At ISOGG, you're I2a1b3a. FTDNA's tree doesn't have all the same SNPs, so there, you're I2a2.