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17-03-13, 15:22
I have been pleased to note that over the past few years the condition known as Postpartum Psychosis [PPP] has been getting more attention.
In saying this however, unlike some of the other psychotic conditions, I feel it has yet to gain attention within the wider population. Given the severity of the condition, I wonder why this is?
Many may remember certain references to it from some cases that gained media publicity, such as the very sad incident in Texas in 2001, which resulted in the death of five young children. However as the media coverage passed so may the reference to PPP, been forgotten by some.

Postpartum Psychosis is the most severe of the postpartum conditions and to a degree it is still often wrongly diagnosed and the cause as yet, not completely known. It is agreed the massive hormonal changes that occur following childbirth play a role along perhaps with genetics. It can affect any woman and crosses all cultures.
Some who have suffered have had previous mental health disorders, some suffer bi-polar disorder and many have had no previous mental illness whatsoever.
PPP can occur as early as one or two days after giving birth. The mother may suffer rapid mood swings going from one extreme to another such as euphoria to depression, in a short space of time. She may suffer hallucinations and seem delusional.
At some point the mother will feel the overwhelming urge to harm her baby. Often the mothers may see the baby as an evil creature, or possessed by malicious spirits. The result is often the death of the child/children and sometimes suicide of the mother.
Yet the condition with early intervention can be treated before harm occurs.
Postpartum Psychosis should not be confused with Postpartum Depression [PPD].
Perhaps with the on-ward going publicity it has began receiving, this condition may be recognised and better understood and those suffering it, remembering this condition claims more than the mother as a victim, can be earlier diagnosed and treated.

18-03-13, 00:58
I have a feeling that at the end of a day PPP will be diagnosed as a spectrum of few different causes. A childbirth being just a trigger. Maybe it's a combination of exhaustion, lack of sleep combine with depressive or psychotic nature. In some rare cases mothers might be of some sort psychopathic nature. Some cases might be explained by lack of bonding to a child, possibly low Oxytocin level, combined with broken dreams of a mother, life goals impossible to achieve now with little baby.
Damn, it is too depressing to write about it...somebody give me a happy pill. ;)