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18-03-13, 08:35
Okay, so I've got this table here and I don't understand it:




A or T

Some Jerk's Genotype

dbSNP Orientation: Minus

dbSNP Genotype: T

What is dbSNP orientation and genotype? what does plus or minus mean? what does intergenic mean? is there a difference between genotype A or T?

Sorry if I'm asking a lot here but neither 23andme nor google could provide me with these answers. A guy on a bus also told me there were no stupid questions. :)

Thank you so much for your help,

-Some Jerk

18-03-13, 09:05
The orientation is the direction in which the DNA strand is read. As you may have noticed the values for one SNP can vary according to the testing company or SNP database, so that CT will sometimes turn up as AG, or vice versa. This is because C always pairs with G, and A with T, and the reported value will depend of whether you read the DNA from top to bottom or the other way round.

The genotype is the value for a given SNP.

Intergenic means that the SNP does not belong to a known gene (a DNA segment that encodes proteins), but is found in between genes, in what has been called "junk DNA" (although we now know it isn't junk at all).

18-03-13, 21:13
Thank you very much for your help, Maciamo. This is very interesting stuff. Using this browse raw data tool, is there a way to determine if a certain SNP belongs to your genome.. or is that too black and white?
I am a total beginner at this stuff so i apologize if my questions make no sense

19-03-13, 10:49
If you are browsing your raw data on 23andMe, then it's your genome...

19-03-13, 19:44
LoL at myself. I guess I should have figured that out. Thanks again for your help, I appreciate it.