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01-04-13, 12:14
I would like to know which predictor is the most accepted and reliable site that any of you have used as I have used two with differing percentages for each although both agree my subclade is I1?

01-04-13, 13:38
Tumi, I would look at finding specific SNP's to assist you in your search. Try FTDNA and they might be able to recommend where to start. Maybe Z-58... and get more specific from there.

01-04-13, 13:40
If you are referring to the Haplo-I subclade predictor every time you enter your haplotype and use the predictor it will randomly chuck out the top haplotype subclades with varying percentages every time. I'm not sure how many markers you have tested but the Haplo-I predictor seems to become slightly more decisive with more markers.

The reason the predictor and the other predictor you have used both label you as I1 is because that is fairly easy to notice when you have the typical string of markers.

Joining the FTDNA Haplogroup I1 Project could help quite a bit, allowing them to place you in a grouping.

You can also Terry Robb's branch finder to find what branch of his tree you fit in with, find your closest matches surnames, kit number or ysearch code and have at it.

01-04-13, 14:51
I have only tested for 16 markers with DDC ancestrybydna.com Thanks very much for reply.

01-04-13, 14:59
Spruithean,thanks but I seem to have difficulty joining FTDNA as Itested with acompany mentioned previousy that ftdna dont seem to accept or else I,m not sufficiently good at understanding how to use their site.I will try again and also use Terry Robb,s ,again I dont have a kit number,however I will contact my testing company and listen to what they can tell me.