View Full Version : German-American training of Cyprus

29-04-13, 15:10
German-American training of Cyprus

29-04-13, 17:51
Is this caricature made by the Greek again? ;)

29-04-13, 18:47
I think no, its the expiremental training that will germans forced to feel in 2 years.

colonisation of EU under Euro, or expirements in what German people will be forced to live in 2-3 years?

in the begin it was Hungary, then the lazy Greeks, then the PIGS then Italian singers then Cyprus and russian money now is Slovenia and Latvia, now I heard about the Belgium is on the list,

guess what, either whole EU stings except Mercel and Soible, either this measures are preparations for the big 'dinner' of banks, Germany.

the 20's USA crush-boom was cause USA has enormous production but no market,
think what will happen to EU if the market of south can not absorve german industry products and turn to cheaper Turkish or chinese. :shocked: