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27-05-13, 18:49
it seems like after TANAP-Nambuco, Southstream etc, a new pipeline is under discussion,
the SouthMed Pipeline,
a pipeline that will bring gas and oil from East Mediterenean to Balkans and Italy,

until today that pipelinewas discused many times if it should pass from Turkey or not, but seems that it takew its final form.

it seems like Italy and Cyprus had agreed, before few Months Greece also agreed, and now is time for Israel,
Albania is still under the dilema, since president signed, but supremes courts deny as illegal, something that maybe leave her outside.

the link is in Greek language but the photo is clear.



USA supports the idea of Israel cyprus Turkey, through Mat Breiza,
EU is still sleeping, or afraid industrialization of south Europe,

the truth is that if South med lock with Turkey, Turkey will have tremendous power, and industrialization booming high, that may enter in top10 of G20, and in position that old European powers will envy,

Russia in the other hand has pipelines through Turkey wants to avoid them with Southstream, but seems the case is stop under huge pressure of USA corporations and politicks,

southmed is the chance of Italy mainly, and wider of southEast Europe to avoid and use its own supplies to energy,
until today that pipeline is in study phase, and if done will have 3 countries (Italy Cyprus Greece) and all are waiting Israel to decide, since Albania participation to lock with Maritsa oil it is just a decision that can not affect the programe, only length and quantity,

28-05-13, 21:23