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Old Europe (Vinca) language and culture in early layers of Serbian and Irish culture

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for taranis here is what an irish historian said about the crazy idea that tuatha could be a non gaelic word:

I think you do have something there. 'Tuathal' means both 'tyrant' (note the O'Tooles of Wicklow? And Tuathal Techtmhar?) and 'left, wrong, sinister'. These meanings are polar opposites. Quite strange. The northern and southern halves of Ireland were clearly known and named in ancient times: they were Leath Mogha (= Mugh's Half, in the south) and Leath Conn (Conn's Half, in the north).

There is considerable evidence that Irish as we know it was not one homogenous language in ancient times and that it is a composite of many. For instance, there existed in ancient ireland the phenomenon of 'iarnbélre' (= iron language), that is, langauge, words or phrases which were then acknowledged to have been difficult to understand or obscure in some other sense. T.F. O'Rahilly posited that this might be the language of the Érainn of the south-west.

There are duplicate words in Irish for the same thing. One wonders if these have their origin in different tongues brought into this country by invaders. Examples that come to mind immediately are:

Language/speech = teanga or caint or urlabhra or labhairt;
Horse = each or capall or marc;
Woman = bean or cail but women = mná;
Maiden = ainnir or bruinneall;
Boy, youth = buachaill or gasúr or ógánach;
Man = duine or fear;
Spear = sleá or ga;
Sea = farraige or muir or sáile;
Hill/mountain = Brí or sliabh or beann;
Death = bás or éag or marbh;
Ship = long or bád or barc;