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03-06-13, 01:14
I've found a great statistical site. Well designed, easy to use with lots of explanations, but quick to the point.

There are about 40 surveyed countries. Mostly european with some world famous ones for comparison.

Life satisfaction: (self reporting)
The highest is in Switzerland, Norway and Iceland.
The lowest in Hungary, Portugal and Greece
Does that show how good economy is of most important in life?

Work life balance: (smallestnumber of workaholics + more time for pleasure)
highest in Denmark, Netherlands and Norway
lowest in Turkey, Mexico, Japan; in europe: Iceland, Poland and Czech

Health and life expectancy (self reporting health + life expectancy)
highest: New Zealand, Australia and Switzerland
lowest: Russia, Hungary and Estonia

Surprisingly Japanese felt as healthy (unhealthy) as Turks. I wrote "felt" because study is based on self reporting.
Also surprising is that Israelis report very health in spite of all the terror attacks and stress they are going through.

Safest countries are: japan, Canada and Poland; and unsafe are: Mexico, Brazil and Chile; in europe: Estonia, Russia and Belgium. (rated by assault and homicide rates)
Surprise is Belgium being so unsafe.

Environment (air and water pollution)
the cleanest countries are Sweden, UK and Norway.
the dirtiest are Chile, Turkey and Russia. Also Greece and Poland of europe.
Roughly one can say that Capitalism is clean, and socialism dirty. One can also conclude that rich countries have money to clean their acts, poor countries pollute the most.
Again good economy shows its value even for natural environment.

Education: best is Finland, Japan and Sweden, also Poland and Germany in Europe. Worse Mexico, Brazil and Turkey. In Europe: Portugal, Luxembourg and Italy.
Interesting is to find Luxemburg and Israel at the bottom.

Community (support networks):
Top place: Iceland, Ireland and UK. Lowest: Turkey, Mexico and Korea. In europe: Greece, Portugal and Estonia.

Jobs: (employment rate, long term unemployment, earnings)
Best: Switzerland, Norway and Luxembourg. Worst: Turkey, Mexico and Spain. Also Slovaks and Estonia in Europe.
I thought I'd see Greece as the worst in jobs. I guess they just shout the loudest, though they look better (in these stats) than Estonians, Hungarians or Portuguese.

Income: (disposable income after taxes, plus assets to debt ratio)
Richest people: USA, Switzerland and Luxembourg, also Belgium seems to be well off.
Poorest: Brazil, Estonia and Mexico. Also Hungary and Poland in Europe.
It looks like Greeks are better off than half of european countries..., but they are soooo loud, lol.

Look how far better off Americans still are compared to any european country, and twice higher disposable income than Germans. In spite of loss of manufacturing jobs. This is the bonus of one huge free market. American companies can negotiate better prices when buying stuff abroad, because they buy things for 350 million people.

Housing: (rooms per person, facilities, affordability of homes)
Top: USA, Canada and Ireland. Also Norway and Belgium in Europe.
Bottom: Turkey, Poland and Chile. Also Greece and Hungary in Europe.

Everybody would think, from all the housing bubble and repossessions news, that Americans lost all their houses and live on the street. Well, they still have best housing on this planet it seams. Land and materials are cheap in America, inexpensive Mexican labour is widely accessible too. It is similar in Canada, minus cheap labour.

All in all Turkey, in spite of fast economic growth, are way off in many european standards of life. When political and religious freedoms issues are taken under consideration, it doesn't look like Turkey will get EU membership any time soon. These statistics are very exposing and unforgiven for them.

03-06-13, 18:39
Good find.
Regarding the job section and employment rates, not much of a surprise to see Norway and Switzerland high.
Also not so surprising to see U.S.A. high for disposable income and housing. I was surprised to see Ireland come high in the housing with regards to facilities, not to say the housing is poor, just that I didn`t think it would rank so high as it has.
I would have liked to have seen U.K. rank higher on the education section.