View Full Version : Why is philosophy an arts subject ?

03-06-13, 09:41
I was reading a BBC article (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22729780) on the French education system, and namely that literature baccalaureate students have to write a philosophical essay. In France at least it seems that Philosophy is an arts subject, not a science one. That doesn't make any sense. Philosophy is like the wrapping that holds all the sciences together. Without science and logic there is no philosophy. There is nothing artistic about it.

03-06-13, 14:57
Philosophy is a compulsory subject for scientific students at the lycée which means that they also have to write a philosophy essay for the baccalaureate.

03-06-13, 21:37
Maybe it got to do with a trade or profession and mathematical studies and evidence. Philosophy is a thought process and can easily veer into semantics (Wittgenstein) and foolish theories like monadism (Leibnitz) and Aryan ubermensch qualities (Nietzsche) of Germans. There is no form of evidence to prove their validity like a scientific theory. Lack of evidence means just fanciful mental exercises. Art is perception and rather subjective just like the above philosophical musings.