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Fire Haired
24-06-13, 06:42

95% of Native American mtDNAs are descended from the six founding mothers of the A2, B2, C1b, Cc, C1d, and D1 sub-haplogroups these mothers are dated as 18,000-21,000 years old no one in the world has these specific subclades which means they originated in America and native Americans ancestors where already settled in America at least 18,000-21,000ybp and since 95% of Native Americans have these mtDNA grouops that means 18,000-21,000ybp was around the time of the founding family of all Native Americans and they probably lived around the Bering Straight or in northern Canada.

The other 5% is composed of the X2a, X2g D2, D3, C4, and D4h3 sub-haplogroups all of these groups are only found in Native Americans except X2a which is also found in Galilean Druze in Isreal mtDNA X2 is a Caucasin haplogroup here is link where it explains how there was a migration of Caucasians probably from the mid east possible Europe to north America 15,000-20,000ybp.http://www.theapricity.com/forum/showthread.php?84611-Did-Caucasins-arrive-in-America-15-000-20-000ybp-Stunning-DNA-evidence

The oldest remains of human settlement are in Bluefishes in Yukon Canada right next to Alaska they are Mammoth bones that appear to have been chipped by Humans and are dated as 28,000 years old, there are pieces of charcoal from south Carolina that are 16,000-20,000 years old. there are multiple spots in north and south America of Human skeletal remains and signs of human settlement that are 14,000-15,000 years old there has also been DNA taken from two 14,300 year old peices of human crap in oregan both had specfic native American mtDNA subclades of haplogroup B2 and C2 and since there are human remains in north and South America from this time and now DNA from them proves they where Native Americans ancestors this also means this family all native Americans are apart of already was spread out in north and south America 14,000-15,000ybp which probably means they first migrated to America over 20,000ybp

also in austomnal DNA all Native Americans come from only one group while almost all Humans on earth come from at least 3 groups no one is purley from one family group but native Americans are

the La Dene Native Americans in Canada and Alaska like Inuit and Eskimos are not in the same family as the Brownish reddish skinned ones more south the La Dene people migrated from Siberia in another migration 6,000-10,000ybp but they are the closest relatives to native Americans down south and originally came from the same family like 30,000ybp

So i guess the long held theory that clovis culture 13,000 ybp where the first Americans has been proven wrong Native Americans ancestors probably came over 25,000ybp

here are my sources
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genetic_history_of_indigenous_peoples_of_the_Ameri cas

Here is a link where is explains DNA of all Human families including Native Americans