View Full Version : Weird News #1~ Cow Beauty Contest in Oldenburg, Germany

13-08-13, 01:22
Hello, and welcome to Weird News of Eupedia, an annual thread I will be doing here. This thread is one dedicated to weird news around the world, and especially in Europe. Below is this week's weird news:

Cow Beauty Contest in Oldenburg

Americans stage dog shows, and Middle-Easterners stage camel beauty contests, and in June, the annual German Holstein Show took over the city of Oldenburg, with the two-day event won by "Loh Nastygirl," topping bovine beauties from Germany, Luxembourg and Austria. The event is also a showcase for the cow hairdressers, who trim cows' leg and belly hair (to better display their veins). Said one dresser, "It is just like with us people -- primping helps." Groomed or not, cows with powerful legs, bulging udders and a strong bone structure are the favorites.