View Full Version : 2 new Snp's in Isles L161

21-08-13, 00:06
This is the 1st marker to be found to split a group within the L161 Isles clad .
All Isles A men are encouraged to test for for this marker.
The marker is to be found at FTDNA's Advanced menu .
The SNP is called

The other is L1498 but covers Isles B, C and D .

These two Snp's are available at FTDNA's advanced menu

31-08-13, 18:28
There are 2 more possible SNP's .All of these have come from no calls in the Geno2 testing . We are in the process of testing with FTDNA to see can we find two SNP's near the no calls .
One will hopefully split Isles C and D from A and B .
The other will hopefully define Isles C .

The two Snp's were already found this way .

20-09-13, 23:21
With on going testing all L161 Isles A [ A1 +A2 ] were found positive for the SNP PF4135+ .
One was found negative , but he was an extreme outlier .
Some more may be negative for the SNP .
The greater bulk of Isles A will be positive .