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09-09-13, 00:55
Hi everyone, I am new to this site and new to this specific forum area (the main reason I joined this site) .

I have been doing genealogy research on my family's background for about 10 years, my father's line has a number of dead ends so I am trying to learn more.

I am Y haplogroup N1C1 per 23andme and have done autosomal testing on Ancestry, Family Tree DNA and 23 and me.

I am still waiting on my Y-Dna67 markers from Family Tree DNA, I have some but I am still waiting on the 1st 25 markers for some reason.

I joined because I found some good discussions here and also ran into this specific forum while trying to find more information on N1C1.


09-09-13, 02:02
oops...didn't realize I posted twice in this area, 1st was meant for the overall site and this one for the particular sub forum. :)

09-09-13, 13:23
Good to see someone with J1c8 mtdna btw. My father/grandmother are J1C8, where's that line from?

I think N1c is mostly a Siberian marker, but it is common in Baltic and Finnic parts of NE Europe.

09-09-13, 13:47
Hi Jackson,

The earlier maternal ancestor I've been able to find immigrated to the US from Tyrone, Ireland prior to 1720.