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Fire Haired
09-09-13, 01:43
There was a high amount of mid eastern aust dna. In Italians and southeast Europeans which does not exist in other Europeans. It is centered in southern Italy, Sicily, and Greece. Then it decreases as you go more north in Italy and north or west of Greece. But in Switzerland which borders Italy they are about as popular as in Germany or France. But then northern Italians right next to them have alot more. So what this means is that this mid eastern blood came when the Italic languages and tribes had already formed so 3,200-3,000ybp. It is so obvious to me it came in the Greco Roman age since it is more popular south and is in Italy and Greece the only areas in Europe that had civilizations and were connected to the middle east over 2,000ybp.

Since in Europe there are oblivious trends for areas like est of Germany or west of Poland in aust DNA. I wont show every country only countries to represent what that area has.

What i can tell is west of Poland got their southwest asian and west asian from the same source spread of farming in Neolithic age. I can tell east of Germany gets their west asian and southwest asian from the same source also spread of farming in Neolithic age but they show diff trends than west of Poland. South and central Sweden and Norway groups with west of poland that is were they get their west Asian and southwest Asian. But north Scandinavia and Finland seems to get their little southwest asian from the same source as east of Germany. Sardine show the same percentages as aust dna samples of Neolithic Europeans overall they are almost identical. IBerians show more southwest asian because of inter marriage with NOrth Africans besides that they get it all from the same source as all people west of Poland. I also put the percatges of southwest asian and west asian verse each other then

West Asian Southwest asian Total
Germany 7.3 3.6 10.9
Spain 5.1 5.6 10.7
Poland 5.3 5.6 10.9
Finnish 0 4.8 4.8
Sardine 4.1 8.7 12.8

Greek 22.9 15.1 38

North Italy 14.4 9 23.4
Central Italy 20.5 14.3 34.8
South Italy and Siclian 23.7 17.6 41.3

South east Europe

Bulgaria 17.5 11.1 28.6
Serbia 15 9.2 24.2
Romania 15.7 10.4 26.1

I guess that is not alot of info. click here (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArAJcY18g2GadF9CLUJnTUdSbkVJaDR2UkRtUE9ka UE#gid=2) for were i got the results.

Here is the southwest Asian vs west Asian percentages were it is the same in Italy, Greece, and southeast Europe. Compared to Syrians and Iraq's so u can see that is most likely from around the area that mid eastern blood came from.

West asian Southwest asian
North Italy 61.5% 38.4%
Central Italy 59% 41%
South Italy and Sicily 57.3% 42.6%
Greece 60% 40%
Bulgaria 61% 38.8%
Serbia 62% 38%
Romania 60% 40%

Assyrian 65% 34.8%
DRuze(syria, Lebnon, Isreal) 55% 45%

Since southwest asian trends to be about as popular as west asian as u get west and south of Iraq. It seems the most likely spot for were Italians and southeast Europeans got the mid eastern blood in Greco Roman age is around Iraq probably southwestern Iraq. The percentages are probably diff because there already was some west asian and southwest in Italy and southeast Europe before Greco Roman age. The inter marriage was one sided though u dont find high amounts of uniquely European group North Euro in Iraqis it is around 0-1%. This might show something about Greco Roman world.

The parts of southeast Europe that got it from the same source. Is were the Thracians-Dacians and Illyrians lived. Maybe they were very connected to Greece.

09-09-13, 04:18
More misinformation.

Fire Haired
09-09-13, 06:03
More misinformation.

sorry with the graphs i was trying to show with their west asian southwest asian the editor on this website cant do everything. But no i am not full of misinformation check my source what i am saying is totally true. when i was the last time i saw u trying to make these long info threads. Do u know how much work it takes to make these theories all u do is listen to what eupedia and wikpedia says.