View Full Version : The Scotch Irish aka Hillbillies one of the Greatest people in American history

Fire Haired
12-09-13, 05:09
Eupedia does not have the right stuff for me to make the thread i wanted to. So here is a link my thread which is on another webtsite http://www.theapricity.com/forum/showthread.php?93302-The-Scotch-Irish-aka-Hillbillies-one-of-the-Greatest-people-in-American-history&p=1898522#post1898522

The Scotch Irish aka Hillbillies truly are one of the greatest people in American history. They shaped the American character and the country period in so many ways. If your European and want to learn some deep stuff about the origin American culture mainly Hillbilly country culture. U need to know about the Scotch Irish and read this thread. Most people i would assume dont know that 40% of the US army in the Revolutionary war was Scotch Irish many coming straight from ulster. I cant keep going on about them u should read the thread.

if u have anything to say post it here.

American Idiot
18-11-13, 11:50
I like this thread if for no other reason than the fact I am of Scotch-Irish ancestry and from the American South as well. But I just like to add, the Hillbilly culture and the people themselves are, in reality, a blend of Scotch-Irish and English settlers along with quite a few Germans too with a smaller number of French Protestants who all contributed to the development of Hillbilly culture in America.....especially the Scotch-Irish and the English.