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12-09-13, 22:59
Hello everybody.

First of all, sorry if my english isn't the best..

Saw this awesome forum, and would like to talk with some people about how to move to another contry, and live there.
Im in education right now, and im done in 2015, Denmark is my contry, and will always be, i have always been proud of been from Denmark, but in the last time over years, it's fallen alot.
The goverment is a big part of this, i don't feel that they "work" for the danish people, only there own asses, and great salary.

So i have looked in the few years on Norway, and really like everything i hear about Norway, there are great job opportunities, great salary, and my education will fit perfect to get better in Norway.
Im in education as freight driver takes 4 years in Denmark.

So let me hear something about Norway :-)
How does Norwegian people look on people from Denmark? I understand i have to learn the language and also to write and read it, that part will not be a problem for me..
It could be great for living there for some years, or longere.

13-09-13, 06:06
As an American, I'd say that corruption is everywhere but there is no reason that you could go into Denmark Politics and figure out a way to stop the corruption if you'd like ;)

14-09-13, 01:12
Hello Twilight

Yes corruption is in every contry, small as big.
But that is not the problem, it's hard for me to explain what my feelings to my contry are..
Let me try.

I have always been proud of Denmark, but in the last 5-8 years, I don't like the way we are going, we got a contry there is doing so much crap.
Racisme is growing in Denmark, and i understand that part, the people there come to Denmark, have no respect for our contry, and are (My feeling) trying to destory it, by our goverment is looking and smileing.
Say they will secure the jobs for the danish people, but with alot of high taxes (company tax on 25% before now 21%) it's not helping, and all the work is taking there stuff to other contrys.

I know Norway is not the cheapest contry, but i really like the way they are doing the things.. Mabye it is just because i don't know to much about the contry for the policy side..

15-09-13, 03:28
Hello there :). Figures, well I guess Norway it is.

15-09-13, 03:35
Mabye it is just because i don't know to much about the contry for the policy side..
You better do your homework on that, before you spend tens thousands of Euros to move in and be disappointed after couple of years.

17-09-13, 20:02
LeBrok - Think you are true about that :-) Going to research..

06-10-13, 17:32
Norwegian people have definitely better attitude towards Danish people then lets say towards Estonians. I did live there for half an year and cant say that I felt very welcome but everything also depends on place and people.