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24-09-13, 23:26

Has any T2b15 shown up in Europe yet?

This subgroup is defined by an A5836G mutation and an 8281 9 bp deletion. GenBank accessions are JF975728 and JF979034. So far it is estimated to be less than 500 years old due to a lack of diversity. All the T2b15 I have found so far have a southern colonial America lineage. The paper trail has ended for all six lineages and we have not yet discovered a maternal link between them. I am hoping European T2b15 may give us a clue on where to research next.

Fire Haired
25-09-13, 00:23
T2b I think arried in Europe with farming and farming spread acroos almost all of Europe 9,000-6,000ybp. The reason is three T2b samples from 6,700-7,400bc in pre pottery Neolithic Syria and T2b in early central European neloithic LBK. and it contsintley pops up in Neolithic European samples. I don't know the age estimates but spreading with farming makes the most sense. I bet T2b15 is older than 500 years old.

25-09-13, 01:53
That could be true, Fire Haired, but we have to find it to be certain.

Fire Haired
25-09-13, 02:05
wait I think u might be mis interpiting my post I men T2b spread with farming T2b15 probably didn't exist during the neloithic age.