View Full Version : Can you guess and classify this brother and sister?

30-09-13, 22:01
Can you guess this brother and sister?6025

This is another picture of him.6026

30-09-13, 23:15
The brother - Alpinoid/Noric
The sister - Noric/Nordoid

both seem Brachycephalic

where from?

01-10-13, 04:02
We're r they from

01-10-13, 04:57
They're members of a wealthy family from La Spezia. His name is Andrea Calevo and he was in the news because he was kidnapped and held for ransom.

It occurred to me to post them as we've been discussing this area in some recent posts, and while by no means do all Spezzini look like them, it's not an uncommon look at all. (Btw, this big skulled, broad forehead, high cheek boned and long, strong boned face is quite common in the whole area.)

This is the distribution of their surname...it's very local, and couldn't be more northwest Italian.

I'm by no means an expert at this sort of thing, but I think Benedetta Massola has a similar kind of look.