View Full Version : Europe cannot wait, Would U.S. Allow Debt Default?

09-10-13, 09:22
Every American politician argues US debt issue and budget deadlock is a continuation of the big Yankee problem - huge debt.
I can write a lot of phrases about positive or negative consequences of default, actually it is not the case. The case is would Obama allow the default?
Fed has already gave a start to the brand-new color 100-dollar banknote but it is unpopular. It looks like "an old one became a LGBT's" (with a pink hologram bell and blue 3D line).
"Everything is OK" - say some Congressmen, "We just need time."
"The United States government is not going to default, ever."
"Whatever circumstances and disagreements got us to this current unhappy juncture, there is no way that our government leaders can allow the full faith and credit of the United States of America to be jeopardized. This is an issue that affects every single citizen, from veterans to Social Security recipients to government bondholders to all taxpayers, and threatens to derail an already fragile economic recovery."

But Europe cannot wait, its stock markets directly depend on US policy and "climate".
So will it collapse? - I have no comments :)

Cambrius (The Red)
09-10-13, 21:56
A debt default by the U.S. would be catastrophic for much of the world.

09-10-13, 23:12
Darn it, sourcing from the local news we don't nessisarily like the Government shutdown or the debt issue either but personally if the economy is going to get any better we democrats and republicans need to stop arguing and compromise. I don't even get why we have to fight :,(

14-08-19, 13:37
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