View Full Version : link between Black Sea flooding and haplogroup G2a ?

31-10-13, 18:30
Ancient DNA made the link between G2a and Linear Pottery culture and between G2a and Cardium Pottery.
Linear Pottery culture and Cardium Pottery phase II (from the Ligurian coast till the Portugese Atlantic coast) both started 7500 years ago.
There is a theory that the Black Sea was flooded 7600 years ago (William Ryan and Walter Pitman).
Robert Ballard found ancient shorelines +/- 100 meter beneath present sealevel. The mollusks around that ancient shoreline where 7000 - 7500 years old.
Could there be a connection?
Is it possible that G2a was living in the areas north and/or west of the Black Sea that got flooded?
Is this where Linear Pottery culture and Cardium Pottery phase II people came from?
Did G2a people settle in other places +/- 7600 years ago?
Where did the G2a people of Maykop culture (5800 years ago, Northeast of the Black Sea) come from?

Any clues?

02-11-13, 03:38
If you look at this link, it seems that R1B weaved through the Caucasian Neolithic (G) http://www.eupedia.com/europe/neolithic_europe_map.shtml They seem to weave through the Hassuna Culture, I wonder if they shared the same semi-fate. I've been wondering about that for the longest time to tell you the truth, glad I'm not the only one:satisfied:

05-11-13, 10:32
Twilight have you tested positive for H or V or HV?