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08-11-13, 17:12
I've recently discovered my blood type is B+, but both my mother and my father have blood type O. I double checked it so I'm sure it's B. My parents did their blood types when they got married (at least). However, it's impossible for me to have B type when my parents both have O, because I must have gotten the B from one of them.

So I'm worried that my father might not be my father. I look completely like my mother and there is no obvious resemblance with my father, apart from a wider nose tip and maybe the way my feet look.

I know my mother used to fool around back in the day (yes, around the time I was conceived) with her ex-husband, which DOES have the B type blood. I don't really look like him either, except my rather hairy arms, which both my mother and my (known) father don't have (and it's a dominant trait as far as I know).

I'm unsure of what to believe! I've even considered being sick and my blood type changing because of cancer or God knows what... but that's still an unlikely scenario. Besides, I don't know if it changed because this is the first time I've tested for my blood type. My mother always assured me that I must have O blood type because both her and dad have O. My mom always seemed to be very sure my father was my father.

I have my known father's wider nose tip (my mom has a thin nose) - but the blood type matches my mother's ex husband (which also has a thinner nose). And I also resemble my known father's mother very much.

I can't do a genetic test, I can't even tell my father that I have a different blood type because I want to keep this a secret.

What are the odds that my dad is not my dad? I know broad noses are dominant, so one of my parents must have had a broader nose (my dad). But also one of them must have had B blood type and hairy arms, and that's my mom's ex husband.

What is the likelihood that my blood type changed from O to B because of some illness?

As soon as I will have 10 posts I'll be able to post a photo with me, my dad and my mother's ex.

08-11-13, 21:24
First of all it's not the right section for this topic.

Secondly: how do you know that your mother's ex-husband has bloodtype B?

If you are very clever and you could do a genetic test somehow without raising suspicion you can order two basic Y-DNA tests from FTDNA for 100$, at about 570 kuna. But if I were you I'd go to my mum and ask her. (I don't think blood type can change.)

08-11-13, 23:11
Thank you for your answer, BakodiP.

I wasn't sure where the topic would belong here, sorry for posting it in the wrong section.

I know for a fact that her ex-husband has blood type B because my half-brother, who is his son, asked him and I know all the blood types on that part of the family, including his grandparents. His grandmother has B type blood as well.

I wish I could ask my mother, but she has died years ago.

All I know is, before or around the time that I was conceived, my mother used to see her ex-husband as well as my father. My half-brother's grandparents thought that I might be their actual grand daughter because of the timing of the pregnancy, but my mother seemed to always be very sure that I was my father's daughter.

Could nose width be used to determine paternity? Would it be possible for me to have a somewhat wider, meatier nose than both my parents? I knew nose width was a dominant trait.

09-11-13, 08:35
Does it change who you are whoever your father is?

I think the mystery is already solved, but somehow you don't' want to accept the verdict.

09-11-13, 20:02
That's sad.

12-11-13, 09:02
Father is the one who brings you up.
I would keep it secret.