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07-12-13, 22:41
what is the north sea catagory on the eurogenes test?(dont know much about it).wha tis he diffrece btween north sea catagory and north atlantic catagory?

08-12-13, 02:44
would the irish or welsh be in the nrth sea catagory or north atlantic?

08-12-13, 06:58
North sea and Atlantic/Western Euro are similar clusters. The guy who runs Eurogenes says that North Sea is basically a version of 'South Baltic' altered by gene-flow from the Atlantic, South and Central Europe. Where'as Western Euro is pretty much the same but altered a bit more than North Sea. So all NW Europeans will have large amounts of both. In many cases when the North Sea category is a bit broader, the whole of Britain will be dominated by it (and Atlantic becomes more common in SW Europe i think) but in ones like EUtest there are divides within Britain, with the Welsh and Irish being dominated more by Atlantic, and English more by North Central Euro/North Sea.