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06-01-14, 18:16
European and turkish scientists conducted DNA research remains (material taken from thigh-bone) representative Shaddadid dynasty ruling in Transcaucasia, Armenia and Ani.

Y-STR Allele

DYS393 13
DYS390 24
DYS19 15
DYS391 11
DYS385a 11
DYS385b 14
DYS388 12
DYS439 10
DYS392 11
DYS389(I) 13
DYS389(II) 30

Haplogroup was defined as R1a. This confirms the origin of the family of Western Iran.

Genetics News

11-04-19, 02:54
I’m Kurdish originally from Erzincan and Dersim region and we are Şadi/Sheddadi. I also want to confirm that I belong to the Y haplogroup R1A-Z93