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07-01-14, 04:36
Hello everyone,
Thanks to Ancestry.com and FTDNA I was able to prove descendence from Dutch migrants to New Amsterdam in the mid 17th Century. Can anyone tell me more about the reasons many Dutch families had for migrating? Economic, war, etc? I know very little about Dutch history and would like to learn more. Started drinking Heineken and Amstel to build the connection though. :good_job:


07-01-14, 07:42

Hello.there, I had the same thing going on in my paternal Grandfather's side. Here is a link for you :) It seems like the Dutch back then were interested in trade

07-01-14, 19:43
High taxes and low wages in their old home, as well as looking for a new home in God's Country-- plenty of elbow room and conservatively Christian. An important aspect of genealogy for Dutch ancestors are church records from the Dutch Reformed Church. They seemed to have been glued together like the Puritans.

08-01-14, 16:38
I was able to find some baptismal records from New Amsterdam for one of my great(x) aunts. I'd love to find some way to research further back in the old country, but not sure where to start.