View Full Version : Extinct Neolithic Wheat Grain Found.

15-01-14, 02:43
Just came across this and thought it really interesting.

Polish archaeologists working at Catalhoyuk in Central Turkey have discovered a supply of perfectly preserved Neolithic grain.
They unearthed a small room wherein was found four containers filled with the grain. Almost 5kg of a now extinct species of wheat, was recovered.
Catalhoyuk, in the Southern part of the Anatolian plain, was inhabited continuously for 1200 years between 7200 and 6000 BCE.

Here is the link to read for yourselves:


15-01-14, 04:46
Very cool.

It's funny how ancient grain from Turkey keeps popping up. Wasn't the idea of the farm-based Neolithic Revolution germinated (excuse the pun) from a few plump kernels found in Turkey?

15-01-14, 07:28
Cool, now they need to find 13 thousand year old grain to prove me right that women were already farming back then. :43: