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29-01-14, 00:15
I was wondering how ADHD is genetic?

31-01-14, 17:50
ADHD does have a strong genetic link in many cases, bradly33.
A child has a greater chance of having ADHD if another family member also has the condition.
With identical twins where one has ADHD, there is a high chance, the other will also. In non-identical twins, although there is risk of both having condition, the chance for it is lower.
Studies on children have shown, in a number of cases, segments of the DNA are missing or duplicated.
However, some children, have thinner brain tissue in the area associated with attention. This has been shown to not necessarily be permanent, and the tissue can thicken as the child gets older, and the ADHD symptoms can lessen.

ADHD may not always be due to genetic factors in all cases,however. All sorts of things have been put forward as increasing the risk of a child having ADHD. Some studies suggest high alcohol consumption, drug use or smoking in pregnancy can increase the risk. Also a low birth weight may have a part in some instances or the mother being exposed in pregnancy to high lead levels [ such as in old paint or pipes etc].

I do have a few articles somewhere in my bookmarks, which I found interesting, and I spent a bit of time yesterday trying to find them. Unfortunately my bookmarks could stretch from here to Lands End, and I haven`t had luck calling them up. But here is a piece which you may find answers some of your questions, it covers most of the causes pretty well I think:

01-02-14, 21:15
Thank you, hope, for the information. I found it very useful.

04-02-14, 18:30
Thank you, hope, for the information. I found it very useful.
Glad it helped..and you`re very welcome bradly33.