View Full Version : modern phenotypes: a try

30-01-14, 18:43
I just open this thread about global phenotypes
I 'll feed it bit by bit with pictures if I can transmit them

31-01-14, 23:34
Sorry - yesterday I tried ro transfer pictures i had catched from the "web" - I managed to put them here in thisthread , at first sight: they were seen on the scream - but when I push on the "post quick reply" or "go advanced" I had no immediate result and even after a long time, nothing occurred - so, pethaps I do'nt master the technic (too heavy pictures? or a kind of of "forbid" attached to the web???
I'm sorry...
If I dn'nt find a solution about a week this thread would have to be erased

01-02-14, 00:07
I know the feeling, I lost a long post with pictures recently.

08-02-14, 23:22
I tried to download some logiciels supposed to provide photos weight reduction but I failed - what would be the solution?