View Full Version : Hello Eupedia friends! I need your help!!

08-02-14, 20:10
Hello everybody! My name is Beatriz, in Portuguese, I'm a painter and illustrator (graduated by University of Lisbon) and I don't know a lot about genetics or history heheheh but I will tell you my story/problem:

Nowadays I'm writting my thesis. I'm taking a master in Anatomical Drawing (where basicly we study anatomy and drawing and relate them). My thesis is about the anthropometric variation that you can find in european faces.

It's easy for me to study all the ancient studies made all around europe about phisionomy, antropometry etc but my idea is to actually go to all the countries Iwill talk about and then compare all the faces I fotograph. The problem started when I realized I want to do a really good thesis so I must have knowledge of Europe History and then, when I was studing it (migrations, etnic groups, everything) i found the work of Cavalli-Sforza. So, I bought his biggest book and read it. heheheh It was also easy because it was just an author with really precise answers to my doubts about europe genetics. BUT NOW I FOUND YOU WEBSITE! :)

My questions: everything I can find in this website is cientific proved or some of this info is still being tested? Where can I find the authors of the studies?

Can anyone help me...? I completly lost in "your" world and I'm not such an internet person....

Bah. Please help me and tell me what you think about my idea :) !!

OBRIGADA! (thank you in portuguese!)