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14-02-14, 02:32
R1b tribes when they moved into the region (presumably from Russia or Iran, or the Caspian Sea, which was only formed by the melting of Russian glaciers just before the Neolithic began

I really enjoyed reading the updated R1b section; however, I have a question about the one quote above. From what I've read the Caspian Sea was even deeper and broader than it is now in the LGM. Is there another source for the disappearance of the Caspian Sea during the last ice age or did I read that section wrong, that the land underneath the Caspian Sea might have been inhabited by R1b people at one time.


Sea level. For cartographic convenience, shorelines are shown at the -150m bathymetric contour. Sea level was probably in fact 120 - 140 m lower than at present (H. Faure pers. comm. June 1992), and would roughly correspond to the -150m contour. The Black Sea was also somewhat lower; the Caspian Sea was higher for reasons which do not seen clearly explained in the literature. The shorelines of the lakes shown here are from Velichko & Kurenkova (1990) and E. Zelikson (pers. comm., May 1994).

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just bumping this question up before it disappears.